Art Statement

Jinghua Liu

My art explores love and beauty symbolized through organic shapes of flowers and
plants, set against a background of abstracted geometric forms. Flowers symbolize
important moments like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and weddings, in
diverse cultures. These paintings explore multi-cultural ideas, decorative aesthetics,
and modernism, while exploring positive and negative space, presented through these
abstracted shapes and forms of flowers.
My artworks contain many layers, color contrasts, and metaphors. For example, in my
painting, Triptych Bloom, I explore the metaphor of riches and honors by using
symbols of peony. I create the contrast of phloxine hot pink and ultramarine, with
geometric and organic shape. To create visual of complex effects, my mixed media
artworks usually consist of oils, collage, acrylics, and ink. Each flower languages can
represent different meanings in the artworks. For example, the roses express love, the
chrysanthemums impart pride, and the camellia is a lucky flower in Buddhism.
Through these images, I explore multiculturalism and symbolism in the spirit of
traditional Chinese art in combination with Western painting. I hope that this
complex use of mixed media creates a visual feast and journey for the viewer. My
paintings are an expression of heart and culture, merging the ideas of the West and


San Francisco, CA, USA

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