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Jinghua Liu 刘菁华

Jinghua Liu was born in Guilin, China, a famous city for the beautiful landscapes that surrounds it. At fourteen she moved to Beijing. Her grandparents were born into a family of scholars. When her grandfather died, he left the " Four Treasures of the Study" that are comprised of inkstone, Chinese brush and inkpad for our family. She used them to paint landscapes of Guilin. Her parents found she has a love of painting and they brought her, at age seven, to the Guilin city art center to study painting. She has continued her painting career ever since. Jinghua had the bachelor degree from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, at that time, She researches the use of painting to express Chinese culture and humanity, and she has painted a lot of subject from traditional Chinese myth and tale. She also has taught drawing and painting to children specifically orphans or others who have lost one or both parents. Jinghua thinks art can help people forget the pain, and it also creates an emotional release. She considers it can be a psychological treatment.

        In 2014, Jinghua was beginning the MFA program of Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She is not confined to express the Chinese culture and art after she moved to USA. At the same time, Jinghua considers the beauty of the tiny from child’s eye. People are too busy, they don’t have time to find beauty from simple and small, so Jinghua believes we can study a lot from early childhood, and a baby’s eye view is quite different.


Resume 简历​


April 23, 2019 | Jinghua Liu 刘菁华


2019 Masters of Fine Arts (candidate), Fine Art/Painting, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

2002 Technical Diploma, School of Arts & Design of Beijing, China


2018 The Ideal Way East and West Meet Chinese Art Gallery, San Leandro, CA

2016 Landscapes of California Yuandaolan Art Center, Beijing, China

2012 Flowers’ Language Zhongguang Gallery, Guilin, China

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

2019 Contemporary Tension: Between China and The West, Misho Gallery San Francisco, CA

2018 Sino-US Art Exchange Exhibition, Yangzhou Baguai Museum, Yangzhou City, China

2018 Chinese Art Association of SF members Exhibition Silicon Valley Asian Art Center, Santa Clara, CA

2018 Spring Show Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2018 Technology and Theologians Claremont Art Studios, San Mateo, CA

2015 Joint Helping Student Charity Auction Guilin Charity Auction, Guilin, China

2013 Third Great Master of Way National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

2012 CROSS –2012 When Women Are Artists Unique Art Center, Beijing, China

2011 Prop Roots Donation Auction of Arts Unique Art Center, Beijing, China

2010 Second Asian Expo of Arts Asian Gallery Fair, Beijing, China

2009 Art No.13 Butong Space Gallery, Beijing, China

2008 Fifth Circuit Exhibition of China and Korea Shangshang Gallery, Beijing, China & Seoul, Korea

2008 Exhibition for Beijing Olympic Games, Guangxi Province Gallery, Nan Ning, China

2008 Walking into New York of Chinese Modern Artists , Asian Cultural Center New York, NY

2006 Fourteen Artists of the Academy of Fine Art, Tsinghua University Gallery, Beijing, China

2006 Graduation of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China

2006 Excellent of Academy Exhibition CAFA Gallery, Beijing, China


2017 – Present Painting Director, China Academy of Art, Hong Kong, China

2009 – Present President of Yuandaolan Art Studio, Beijing, China

 HONORS AND AWARDS (partial list)

2015 Honors Certificate, 1st Guilin Aid Association Charity Auction

2008 Welcome to the Olympics, Promote Harmony People's Government of Guangxi of China

2006 Series of Don’t Silent Award, China Central Academy of Fine Art, China

2005 Excellent Work Award, Featured Landscape, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

2001 Excellent Work Award, Beijing School of Arts & Design, China

2000 The Moliere Award for Excellence, School of Arts & Design of Beijing, China


2015 Coming Back to Nature, Blurb, USA

2014 In the Way Guangxi Fine Arts Publishing House, China

2013 Great Master of Way Contemporary famous artists in China, People Art Publishing House, China

2008 Weekly Review of the World Chinese, Magazine Publication, China

2006 Glory of the Academy China Central Academy of Arts, China


Board Director of the CA Culture and Art Institute (US) (CACAI)

Board Director of Chinese Painting Society (USA)

Membership of Chinese Arts Association of San Francisco (CAASF)

Membership of Oil Painting of America (OPA)

Membership of College Art Association(CAA)


2019年  旧金山艺术大学硕士(MFA)5月毕业

2006年  中央美术学院造型学院油画专业学士学位

2002年  北京市工艺美校中专部(现北京工业大学设计学院)


2018年《 东西交会的理想状态》,中国画廊(美国圣利安德罗市)

2016年《加州风景》,中国当代画院 (北京)





2015年 参展首届桂林助学联合会慈善拍卖会(桂林市)

2013年 第三届“大家之路”当代名家邀请展,中国国家画院美术馆(北京)

2012年 参展《穿越-2012女人绘事》,永艺术中心(北京)
2011年 策划并参展《放飞景颇族儿童梦想公益拍卖会》,永艺术中心(北京) 

2010年 第二届亚洲艺术博览会,中国国贸展览中心(北京)

2009年 参展《不同ART NO.13》,北京不同空间(北京)

2008年 参展《第五届中韩艺术巡回首展》,上上美术馆(韩国首尔)

2008年 作品《希望》 “迎奥运、促和谐”作品展,广西省美术馆(南宁)

2008年 参展《走进纽约—中国当代艺术家邀请展》(美国纽约)

2007年 参展《学院实力派14人展》,清大美术馆,(北京)

2006年 策划并参展—四环展,德奥达,(北京)

2006年《往事的痕迹系列》参展中央美术学院毕业展 (北京)




2019年      美国油画家协会会员

2019年      美国艺术学院协会会员

2018年      中国当代画院副院长

2018年      中国·中书画艺术研究院理事

2018年      旧金山中华艺术学会永久会员

2017年      中国画学会(美国)常务理事

2009年      北京原道澜文化艺术工作室董事长


2015年    首届桂林助学联合会慈善拍卖会为贫困山区孩子献爱心,获荣誉证书

2008年    作品《希望》入选广西政府驻京办事处主办的“迎奥运、促和谐”

2006年    获优秀作品奖,作品《其实也可以不沉没系列,中央美院学院之光

2005年    获优秀作品奖,油画风景作品被中央美院油画系收藏 

2001年    获优秀作品奖,水粉静物作品被北京工艺美术学校收藏

2001年    获工北京市艺美术学校二等奖学金及优秀作品奖

2000年    获优秀作品奖,素描作品《莫里哀》被北京市工艺美术学校收藏









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